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By leaving the in-person marketing department to us, our clients are able to keep their eye on developing the outstanding products they create!
Our aggressive campaigns place your products in the hands of consumers immediately, influencing your brand awareness instantly.
By trusting in our performance-based guarantee, our clients keep advertising costs low and see investments returned to them in measurable bottom line results.


At Capitol Marketing Strategies we constantly develop successful marketing campaigns that can reach your ideal customers where it matters most. Capitol Marketing Strategies works hand in hand with some of the biggest retailers in the world to offer their customers a unique shopping experience that can not only help educate the customer but also give each customer the right information to help make the best decision for them or their family. These campaigns happen in-store and can dramatically increase sales for our clients products or services.

Why choose CMSI?

We provide our Fortune 100 clients with a creative approach to marketing and are able to guarantee them 100% ROI.

Our Advantage

There is more to the claim than the growing business trend towards outsourcing and the extraordinary popularity of face-to-face marketing and sales in the age of information. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to changes in the business world and evolve to meet whatever challenges face us. Free thinking and questions are encouraged.

Smart Campaigns

For clients that have never had a sales or marketing team, we can offer them a service that is more effective at reaching target markets than traditional forms of advertising (such as catalogs, media, telemarketing, commercials, or print ads). Our scope and range is unlimited.

Core Values

At Capitol Marketing Strategies our Core Values are the foundation of our program. We attract, recruit and retain the finest people in the Northern Virginia area. We build our organization from within, promoting and rewarding people without regard to any difference unrelated to performance. We act on the conviction that the men and women of Capitol Marketing Strategies will always be our most important asset.

We are all leaders in our area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to deliver leadership results. We have a clear vision of where we are going. We focus our resources to achieve leadership objectives and strategies.
We accept personal accountability to meet the business needs, improve our systems and help others improve their effectiveness. We all act like owners, treating the Company’s assets as our own and behaving with the Company’s long-term success in mind. We accept responsibility for our actions and learn from our short comings.
We always try to do the right thing. We are honest and straightforward with each other. We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We uphold the values and principles of CMSI Marketing in every action and decision. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, consumers, vendors and the public.
We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most. We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. We have a compelling desire to improve and to win in the marketplace.
We respect our CMSI Marketing colleagues, customers and consumers, and treat them as we want to be treated. We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions. We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.
Our team is supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another, and care for each other both personally and professionally. We are one company, one team. We are committed to a teamwork environment where every person is a valued member, treated with respect, encouraged to contribute and recognized and rewarded for his/her efforts.

About Us

What We Do

Career Opportunities

Our Services

Start to finish every campaign we carry out is just as important as the other.

We take the campaigns to the next level and secure the consumer for the client directly. All these things combined help to bring the entire team a level of success that is unrivaled in our industry and makes sure that every single campaign takes us up another step on the ladder.


Our approach within large retail venues allows us to target shoppers live in a spending money frame of mind already. We are able to market the product or service more effectively because of this.


What we do and the approach we take gives immeasurable results, marketing is more than just securing consumers for our clients, it’s about creating a relationship that lasts, loyalty to the services and a level of assurance that the consumer has made the right decision.


The frequency at which a customer chooses a particular brand over others, also known as a repeat customer. Customer Retention is determined primarily by the Marketing and Customer Service received by the individual.



Capitol Marketing Strategies provides unlimited growth opportunities for each individual who joins our team based 100% on achievement not seniority. By pushing our candidates to step outside of their comfort zones while practicing their newly acquired skills alongside more tenured team members, they achieve fantastic goals in exceptionally short amounts of time. Many advancing into management positions within six to nine months. All management training begins at entry-level with strong focus in marketing strategies, training from the top down and developing other team members while mastering the back-end of business operations. From there, successful team members move into either a Assistant Manager position to oversee and manage a campaign or into a Marketing Director position where they launch a new territory and help our clients expand their footprint by running their own office. So leave the corporate struggle of advancement behind you and join a team of high caliber talent focused on getting you to the next level in your career.

Our Positions

Sales Account Representative

We are currently accepting applications for Sales Account Representatives to work as part of our sales team. Sales Account Representatives will receive training to ensure they have all the skills and product knowledge that they require to be successful in this high energy technology sales industry. We are seeking candidates that are outgoing, personable and comfortable working in a competitive sales environment.

Job Description/Responsibilities:
  • Customer interaction to promote products & services
  • Maintain professional standards in marketing relationships
  • Participate in daily training sessions & campaign meetings
  • Contribute to a positive & energetic environment
Sales Qualifications:
  • 2-4 year degree in business or equivalent work experience
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to network professionally
  • Self-motivated and comfortable working both independently and as part of a team
  • Sales or customer service experience
  • Ability to perform at a high level in a fast paced environment

Marketing & Management - Sports Minded

Capitol Marketing Strategies is a sales and marketing firm, located in the Fairfax area. We specialize in taking a direct approach for customer retention and client acquisition for service-based Fortune 500 companies. Currently we are looking to fill a Sports Minded Marketing and Management position in our Fairfax location

Capitol Marketing Strategies is a marketing firm willing to train Entry Level into Management.

Capitol Marketing Strategies provides the opportunity for those looking to excel in the field of marketing and management by utilizing a hands-on approach in management training. Capitol Marketing Strategies focuses on developing and enhancing the competitive nature and willingness to lead within every potential candidate. This is a valuable opportunity for those who have experience in sports marketing, advertising, team leadership, management, sales, entrepreneurship and anybody with a competitive mindset.

We start all our sports minded consultants at entry level for the sole purpose of developing a strong management team from within; with the mentality that everyone can get from an entry level position to a management position between 4-6 months. We do not believe in tenor or seniority, we promote to management those who get the job done.

Our Sports- minded team enjoys:
Excellent work environment where fun meets success
Support and backing from Fortune 100 clients
Weekly bonuses and salary
Upward mobility with a personal business mentor provided to each crew member
Paid training bonus’ and weekly leadership development meetings
Team nights
Travel opportunities

Responsibilities for the Marketing and Management position include:
NO D2D, NO B2B, and NO telemarketing conducted!
Training in management for customer service, marketing, admin, and sales consultants
Assisting in the daily operations of the client
Assisting in customer retention
Assisting in new business acquisition and increasing market share
Developing strong leadership skills to build a high performance, cross-functional team environment

We know that there are a lot of sales positions out there and you have a choice in where you apply. Here’s why you should apply with us:

We cannot keep up with our client demands... and that’s why we need you!
We take care of our people, offering them a chance for professional advancement based on their commitment level.
We’re passionate about our business and for us, it’s not just a job but a career.
We pay based on performance, so hard work is truly your path to success. (We offer a guaranteed weekly pay AND bonuses!!)
We offer training that is intensive because we truly care about our associates and want to give them the tools to succeed.
We really are the best at what we do.

Entry Level Management In Training

Capitol Marketing Strategies is hiring for a management training position. Our talented team of customer service, sales and marketing professionals represent our clients with unparalleled integrity to the business community. In order for our organization to prosper, we are aggressively seeking talented, enthusiastic entry level individuals who are searching for an opportunity to quickly work their way from entry-level into a position in management. Our company strongly believes in developing our people into the future leaders of our organization. We are a privately owned and operated firm based in Fairfax, VA and we are getting ready to expand into another market with plans to double in size again within the next year. We now have available clients waiting for us to handle their accounts nationwide. To qualify for this position you must complete

This position involves responsibilities in:

Driving Sales
Human resources
Training and Developing
Customer Service
Public speaking

The management team cross-trains all employees in leadership and business development which includes:

Team building
Employee retention

The management team at Capitol Marketing Strategies offers an environment where our employee’s ideas are not only heard but implemented. Pay based on individual performance. We offer a team based and structured environment, however employees are expected to be self-disciplined in managing their own time and work schedule.

Cycle of Development:

Learn to build a fun and team based environment
Travel opportunities
Training in SEO
Financial management, business management, time management
Coordinate and plan philanthropy events to give back to our community
Managing top and bottom performers
Run and manage client programs nationally

Ideal candidates have an uncommon combination of attributes. They are self-motivated, entrepreneurial individuals who are ready to leave behind the constraints of the traditional corporate job model and build a secure future of their own.

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